About Us

Learn about our history and our plans for the future.

Our Story

Our store was created to supply the population with a variety of high-end antiques to modern day decor, so that everyone can find something they will be interested in. We offer everything from furniture and pottery to jewelry and basic household utensils. Our store has plenty of space for anyone to sell their used or new merchandise, and we are always open to new vendors. We want to help people sell their goods by offering them a place in our store. If you are interested in selling your items at our store, please refer to our vendor application.

Our Goals

Dan River Antiques was created by William Gentry (Owner of a large portion of the Danville River District – including Golden Leaf Bistro) with one goal in mind: to bring people back to downtown Danville. Our goal is to create a variety of places in downtown Danville to shop that will compliment the River District’s plethora of restaurants. This will allow for travelers to get a bite to eat, and then stay a while and shop. This not only will help grow the River District, but it will also help everyone sell their antiques, modern day decor, used goods, and basic household items at our store.